Move Out Procedure | Moving Out

S & G Move Out Form & Procedure

Provide office with 30-day written notice, including your forwarding address. If you will be breaking your lease agreement, you may still be responsible for rent through the term of your lease. If this is the case, you need to contact the office to discuss options.

Water/Sewer Utility

Contact the water/sewer utility to pay your final bill if you pay for water.

Confirmation Number:*

Confirmation number is required

Gas Utility

Contact the gas company to inform them of your move.
*Call S&G 7 days prior to requesting the gas be taken out of your name.

Confirmation Number:*

Confirmation number is required

Electric Utility

Call the electric company to get a final reading on your
meter (near your last day).

Confirmation Number:*

Confirmation number is required

Contact the post office to forward your mail 3 days in advance.

Leave your forwarding address with S&G Property Management office.

Cleaning requirements are listed below.

Follow this checklist to help make sure you get all of your deposit back.

Light bulbs were installed when you arrived - make sure they remain when you leave.

Help us by listing any repairs that you know of that need to be done:*

What about the security deposit?

Do not use your security deposit as your last months rent. This can reflect negatively negatively on your credit report and rent-wise score because it will be a missed payment. We will provide a move out inspection and when this passes, if you do not have an outstanding balance due, you will receive your security deposit within 30 days, mailed to the forwarding address you provided. Do not ask for or expect your deposit on your move out day. You must provide, in writing, your forwarding address to the S&G office to receive your security deposit.

As you walk out the door for the last time: 

  1. Empty trash to waste containers.
  2. Empty the refrigerator and freezer. 
  3. Leave keys to your mailbox, unit, and garage door opener on the fridge. 
  4. Shut lights off.
  5. Turn heat to 62 and air-conditioning unit off.
  6. CALL the maintenance office to inform us you are out. Telling maintenance personnel or a leasing agent is not enough.

30-day Move Out Notice

List full names of all adult tenants:*

All tenant names are required

Street Address:

Move out date:*

Move out date is required

Reason for leaving:*

Reason for leaving is required




Phone number where you can be reached:*

Phone number is required

Will you be breaking you lease?*

Selection is required

*If yes, contact the office for arrangements. You may still
be responsible for the rent to the end of your lease.

Forwarding Address (we MUST have this, even if you do not expect to receive your security deposit):*

Forwarding address is required




Forwarding city, state and zip code are required

Phone number where you can be reached:*

Forwarding phone number is required

I understand that I am providing an electronic signature for all tenants.*

Yes, I understand

Electronic signature is required

Date Signed:*

Date signed is required

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