Family owned and operated since 1971, S&G Properties proudly manages over 700 single-family and multi-family rental homes and apartments in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan. Company founder Sherwin Heyboer, and his son and current president, Bert Heyboer, solidified their presence in the Grand Rapids property management market by continuously offering professional and reliable services to residents and property owners — combined with honesty and integrity.

At just 20 years old, Sherwin Heyboer purchased his first duplex in West Michigan. While things were not easy, he endured this ‘trial by fire’ and eventually purchased a few other units. In 1976, Sherwin sold his original duplex and reinvested the money in a down payment on a 16-unit multi-family complex.

“Getting started with this company in my 20s, I quickly learned that people are the most important part of this business. How you treat residents, employees, owners and others who contribute to what you are trying to do makes all the difference. For over 30 years, we have focused on valuing everyone and treating them with the respect, concern and appreciation they deserve. I know from experience that without the people we serve, the business is not worth much at all.”

In 1979, Sherwin was approached by a group of investors interested in purchasing his 16-unit complex. One of the conditions of the sale was Sherwin’s willingness to manage the property. Over the years these clients brought him more and more property. Soon he gained other clients — and S&G was born.  

If you are looking for a West Michigan home to rent or invest in, or need an experienced property manager, please contact S&G Properties today or call us at 616.719.0819.