They have done a great job managing my properties. When I bought the properties I never went back to them. I called them, told them how to get the keys and they handled everything from there. They have been the easiest rentals. I used to manage it all myself, but now with S&G, I can trust they are managing them the same way I would, only better, and I can focus on the things I am good at and pass this stress on to them! Thanks!

— Michael

I first rented from S&G Properties 13 years ago when I was a single mother with two boys to support. The people at S&G treated me with a great deal of respect and at times empathy. Bert (who I later found out was the owner), took a personal interest in making sure we were taken care of. They were the first landlords I have had that made me feel important as a person and valued as a customer, and that is why I still rent from them today.

— Char

“I have done business with S&G Properties for over 20 years…

They manage 49 properties that I own individually or with partners. Before working with S&G Properties, I worked with another management company that stole a large sum of money from my partners and I. The thing I appreciate most about S&G Properties is their integrity. It is very difficult to place a value on honesty when a company is working with large sums of your money. Over the years, Bert Heyboer has become not just my property manager, but my friend.”

— Drew Condon

“My wife and I are very happy with our decision to go with S&G Property Management…

Before S&G, we did all the managing and most of the work. Anybody that has rental property knows how many nights and weekends you spend showing your rentals and the type of calls you get. They make our rentals ready to rent faster — and that’s why my wife and I feel that S&G pays for itself. No more calls to my home! Not to mention how nice it is to get rid of the hassle factor. Thank you S&G.”


“I am a real estate agent and I have referred a lot of clients to S&G for property management…

They have all been very happy with their services and many of them have chosen to buy more and have him manage them. He has always referred my referrals back to me when they were ready to buy again. I can trust that my clients will remain my clients once they are in S&G’s care. S&G works with a lot of different agents and remains true to them all! I cannot say enough about Bert and S&G Properties!”

— Bernadette Nomura, Realtor

“My wife & I hired S&G to find, purchase and repair two single family homes in Grand Rapids…

They found the homes, repaired them on a budget and found tenants. We have yet to see the houses, but we get money from the investment every quarter. We strongly recommend S&G Properties for your management needs.”

— Sincerely, Ken

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