One reason property owners might shy away from property management is the perception that it will cost more money than it is worth. But because you take advantage of the power of discounts, you get the prices and service you would expect if you owned 600 or more properties — whether you own one, two or ten.

A great example is our negotiated discounts with contractors in every area. If you just had to replace one furnace in a unit the savings on that furnace and installation would more than cover the entire cost of your property management services.

Here are some other ways that property management saves you money:

  • Reduce vacancies and late tenant payments
  • Our experienced professionals can identify small problems before they become big problems
  • Pre-inspections of your units before city inspections to avoid code violations or late assessments
  • Assessing and appealing property tax assessments to ensure you are not overpaying

Not sure if a property is a good deal? We will even help you assess a property before purchase to estimate work that may need to be done, rental income projections for the property and more!

If you are looking for an experienced property management company in West Michigan, contact S & G Properties or call us directly at 616.719.0819 today.