The property management experts at S&G Properties have been supporting property owners in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan for over 30 years. We have managed rental properties through good economies and bad — and we continue to offer rental property owners professional, dependable and affordable services. 

When we manage your property, not only will you receive welcome relief from day-to-day hassles — but you will also gain a partner who can assist you in meeting your rental property’s goals. Our experience and resources will become yours.

What will S&G Properties do for you and your property? 

  1. Find qualified tenants quickly, using our specialized screening structure. We know that the only thing worse than no tenant is a bad tenant. 
  2. Advertise your unit using the latest and most effective means available — tracking trends to maximize your advertising budget.
  3. Work with the best, most cost-effective maintenance people and sub-contractors. Our relationships become yours.
  4. Provide a 24-hour emergency maintenance service.
  5. Pre-screen properties for city inspections to reduce violations and costs. We also provide code-violation response.
  6. Property tax negotiations — we will evaluate your property tax and work on your behalf to lower your taxes, if applicable.
  7. Coordinate with Section-8 and public housing authorities to provide them with all necessary paperwork.
  8. Perform and follow-through on all legal proceedings.
  9. Conduct unit inspections prior to and after a new tenant.
  10. Supply a monthly financial report to track your earnings.
  11. Help you develop a realistic short and long-term investment plan for your properties — get them to work for you.
  12. Provide any other services you need so you can feel the joy of owning rental property without all the hassle and stress.

If you want more information about how an experienced property management company can save you time, money and stress, contact S & G Properties or call us directly at 616.719.0819.