To submit a maintenance request, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your request is handled in a timely fashion.

For emergency situations in which you, someone else or the property is at risk, please call 616.719.0819 first. For fires, gas leaks, break-ins or other true emergencies, call 911.

IMPORTANT: Simply telling a leasing agent, a maintenance person on site or any other person about your maintenance issue does not get your request into our system to be fixed! You must call your request into the office or submit this form to be assured the request will be dealt with.

To call in your maintenance request instead, please have all of the available information ready and call 616.719.0819.

It is important to allow maintenance personal to enter if you are not at home for your work to be completed in a timely fashion. Maintenance will always knock and assume someone is home before they enter.

If you do not allow them to enter when you are not home, they will call you when they plan to drive to your home. IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER they will move on to the next maintenance issue. Our maintenance personal will not spend their valuable time going to a job that they may not be able to do because they cannot enter the premises. This allows us to handle all requests in a timely manner and make sure that everyone’s issues are resolved.