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We often hear about management systems at conventions, but we seldom hear about what kind of person it takes to succeed within those systems. In most cases, there is not much difference from one system to the next. What sets one company apart from another is their understanding that property management is an art as much as it is a science.

Why Systems Don’t Always Work

Systems are useful, of course, and are in place to keep employees organized and on task. However, when the system overrides common sense, those who do not understand the art of the business have a real problem! Do not lose good tenants because they do not fit your system. It is harmful to both your company and your client. A property manager must have the ability to deal with many different personalities, often in stressful situations. The way the manager handles these situations will have as much impact on the success of your rental property as the system.

People Are Key

Property management is a people business. Dealing with people is an art, an art I was required to learn in my ten years of teaching. We too often allow our systems alone to run our business, to the detriment of both our business and our clients. Our systems are important and should be used, but the ability to communicate to many different types of people is an essential skill which must not be ignored.

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